Friday, 31 August 2012

Sun, Coffee and the End of Summer

This week has been marked by procrastination. Something I do and something I do not like. However, it has been a beautiful week otherwise. The weather goddesses have been smiling at Oulu. The sun has shined at us everyday. I have enjoyed the brightness by cycling to the town for a cuppa almost every day.

As illustration I had to use cafe shots from my May trip to Iceland. I have not taken any pictures this week while enjoying my coffees at Cafe Puistola in Oulu, where I am right on this moment. They do nice coffee here and over there in Island. 

The first and the last pictures were taken at Kaffismidja Island in Rejkyavik. The wooden thingies on the booksheves are prices won in barista competions, which can be considered as a proof of quality. The picture in the middle was taken in a super cool Hostel Kex's Bastur Restaurant, where decor was interesting, people beautiful, food tasty and coffee hot.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Busy Year

I have finished the project and I am back in the doll house looking for the next assignment. It was a busy year with hardly any pictures taken (in my terms) and only few blog posts published. Before moving on to the current affairs, here are some glimpses of last winter.

I made the place home.
I had friends and family over.

I made sushi three times

 and got to lay the table few times more.

I served breakfast

and dinner. 
I made a DIY candle holder for xmas and liked it so much that it stayed on its place until May.
I walked through a church park few times a week. 
I spent on flowers and moved back to Oulu.