Tuesday, 8 March 2011

At the Beginning

This blog is about me. At times, it might be about my diet, which I like healthy, but which I often fail. It will be about my interest in yoga, with what I used to be quite passionate, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to go to my classes. It will be about decorating, clothes, struggles with excess weight, friends, politics, books I read, youtube videos I like, shoes, cooking, eating, drinking, socializing, about anything and everything. If you can bear lots of nonsense and tons of me, me, me, you are most welcome join me on this journey.
I live in a tiny house in the north of Finland in a town called Oulu. The house has a small room, bath room and sauna. Having a sauna in your house is not luxury, if the house is located in Finland. For us sauna is a necessity. Everybody has a sauna and those few who do not have one, have an access to one. In my tiny house I like to burn candles. I am ought to job hunt, but most importantly, I need to learn to live my life to the fullest.

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