Thursday, 7 February 2013

Travelling Again

I went to Helsinki and came back. It was lovely and exciting trip. I did so many things there. I attended three parties, met friends and possible new business partners. I got a new contract and lost it in four days time. Though, it might be delayed only. They will let me know in a week. I dressed up nicely and fell on an icy street. I got a giant bruise in my leg and ripped my new pretty tights. How lucky I was, as this happened in front of a department store. I could just pop in to buy a replacement pair and I did not need to wear the holey pair to a gala. I also drank Dom Perignon for the first time in my life.

I travelled by train. To fight boredom during the good six hour journey, I armed myself with a book, computer, needles and yarn. According to the label, the yarn has jojoba oil and aloe vera in it. The socks are supposed to treat the delicate skin of my feet. Only Germans know how to make such sock wool magic to happen and I fell for the sweet idea of it.

I also brought a camera along and took pictures of Ostrobothnia through the trains window. Therefore, the overly blue tone. Ostrobothnia is flat as most of Finland.

I pictured some railway stations. They are typically build out of wood ware. Here is Kokkola or Karleby as they say it in Swedish.

Then Pännäinen or Bennäs in Swedish. Most place names have Finnish and Swedish names, as we are a bilingual country. 

Back to Oulu or Uleåborg I arrived a week later, again by train, feeling happy and exhausted.

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