Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Old and New Odd Memories

Coffee was served in small and thin porcelain cups. Sugar cubes were in a crystal bowl and real cream in a pretty creamer. There were three different kinds of canapes, an oven warm quiche, a caramel cake, Danish pastries, biscuits and chocolates on the table. This evening I was invited for a bite in an old fashion way. This used to be style to enjoy coffee in people's houses back in the days when I was a child. I suddenly realised that this might have been the first time I was invited for such as an adult. I felt very cosy and nostalgic.

The picture was taken six moths ago in Iceland right after I had enjoyed my first meal in the country - Icelandic lobster soup, home baked bread and a beer. I had arrived two hours earlier and the weather was a bit chilly. It occurred to me then, that nobody knew my exact location. I had told everybody, that I was off to Iceland for a holiday, but had not provided any details of my destination. First time ever it occurred to me, that maybe I should start to leave coordinates of my whereabouts. I felt safe then and there and the thought was random, but it made sense.

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