Friday, 5 April 2013

Memory Lane - Portland, Oregon, US 10, Vol 3

Portland gave me my camera.

I read Murakami in a cafe, when a young Portlander came over. She had been reading the same book across the room. Hers was in Japanese. She was really nice and wanted to talk about the author and his work. I was really delighted for her approaching me and I was happy talking with her. However, being a Finn who is not used to approaching people in cafes, I failed to invite her to join me in my table. I realised only afterwards, that it would have been a friendly gesture from my side. A lesson learnt.

The last picture was taken in the toilet of a cafe named Broadway. I guess it was located on the street by the same name. It was my first mirror view picture of myself ever. Later I shot myself via every mirror on the journey thinking to put together a collection called The Great American Toilet Series. I have not done that yet, but here is the first as a last.

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