Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Memory Lane - Puri, Orissa, India 04

Puri gave me a glimpse of beach life in Indian style. Everybody in the sea was fully dressed. Saris came in all colours. When I admired the spotted sea, my friend said - the beauty of Indians is that they do not discriminate any colour. I thought it was a beautiful thing to say. Later I learned how true the statement was.

Puri exposed me to professions I had never witnessed before. They require hard physical condition. 

Puri did not allow me to see the famous Jagannath Temple, as I was of wrong everything - ancestry, nationality, religion.

Evenings were cool and quiet. One night my friend took me to a shop serving hot milk and traditional sweets. We walked back to the hotel through dark and quiet streets. Occasionally, I had chills, as I could feel eyes following me from the shadows. Being one of the few Westerners there, people were curious of me. I think that was all. It was just the quiet darkness that made my imagination to run.

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