Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Baking Spinach Feta Pies

Today's achievement was Spinach Feta Pies. I used a recipe my friend uses in her spinach feta pasta inside ready made puff pastry. Here you go:

Spinach Feta Pies

Puff pastry
pine seeds

I got ready made puff pastry and a bag of frozen spinach from the shop. Defrosted them at home, fried the spinach lightly on a hot pan and mixed feta in in small crumbs. I stirred until the cheese melted and added pine seeds in and lifted the pan off the hot plate. The pastry was already rolled out, so I just needed to cut the set squares into halfs and thus make them even. I then measured a spoon full of feta-spinach mix in the middle of the square, folded the tough into triangles and sealed the edge with water. Before baking the pies in 200 C for 15-20 minutes, I brushed them with egg.

Super easy and super delicious.

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