Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Every Christmas present ready and wrapped and it is only the beginning of December. I am super early. I am also aware that the gifts in the picture do not illustrate my Christmas handicap. I did it so early to get over with it, not to drag Christmas obligations along too long.

And if you wonder, the recepients of the gifts do not read my blog. For them this will always be elves job made in secret.

My toes at the bottom of the picture are wrapped in self-made woll slippers I was supposed to wrap in paper too, but after felting them, they came out different size and I gifted them to myself. What a generous elf I am.


  1. Tosi sopoja paketteja!!!! Riitta XXXX

  2. Tosi söpö kommentti :) Kiitos Riitta xxxx