Friday, 1 March 2013

Day of Happiness

What a nice day I had today. It started at eight when I woke up rested and happy. I had had a good night of sleep. A rare gift for an insomniac.

It was also the much waited (three weeks to be exact) passport renewal application submission date. It took 10 minutes to do so at the Police Station. I then treated myself with a cup of my favourite lightly roasted black coffee in Café Puistola. While sipping the hot brew, I red the news from a paper as opposed to a tablet. A rare gift for an iPader.

I then cycled back home in crisp -10 C to do my laundry. Soon after, it was time to get ready again to  accompany a friend to a computer shop. She can no longer live without a tablet, but could not decide whether to choose an iPad, Galaxy Tab or the new Windows tablet. In the shop she, me and a very kind and knowledgeable Sales Man got engaged in a super interesting hour and half long conversation on qualities of the three. We all agreed that the new Windows tablet is the most interesting thing on the market right now, but we will wait for the first update, as they are always superior to the pilots. She went for the Tab for now and the two other iPaders in the group nodded approvingly. Not that there is anything wrong with our iPads. Oh no, it is a very good piece of equipment, but there certainly is something to keep the eyes on in the horizon.

The day was crowned with Silver Lining Playbook in a movie theatre. Miss Laurence so deserves her Oscar and now deserve I more of that wonderful thing called sleep. It was a happy day.

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