Friday, 15 March 2013

Save the Bird Cherry Flower

The other café in Oulu I like very much goes by a sweet name of Café Tuomenkukka (Café Bird Cherry Flower in English). It is located in the middle of the wonderful Ainola Park right next to its spectacular rose garden.

Café Tuomenkukka has been in the middle of a controversy this winter, as the City of Oulu's Fire Department inspected it and found the kitchen inappropriate for a grease cooking. The café is famous for its doughnuts and their sales form the main bulk of the small business. The owners cannot afford to buy the doughnuts from a bakery nor carry out the required renovations. The premises are inside a conservatory owned by the city of Oulu, and consequently the owners turned to their landlord for help. To the amazement on the small scale entrepreneurs and their customers, the mighty City of Oulu said - NO, the landlord will not allow nor contribute to the cost of required renovations.

After the decision, the local newspaper duly published a piece on the closure of the much loved café and thus woke up the its customers. Complaints of the decision were filed to the city's administration and 2000 people signed the petition against the closure in the net. Touched by the support from the customers, the owner has started to fight for the right to sell doughnuts and coffee. The case is still open and I follow it with great interest and support it by having my tri-weekly coffees exclusively in the Café Bird Cherry Flower until the fight is over. Let's see what the outcome will be.

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