Tuesday, 19 March 2013

On Charitable Death

My credit card company sent me a letter offering an insurance. I duly read the advertisement and placed it to the bin. I have no need for an insurance, which will pay a hefty sum, if I happened to meet an accidental death. 

Yesterday I received a phone call selling the very same insurance. I explained the suave male voice in the other end that I have received the letter and know about the said insurance, but as a single person, I fail to see any financial benefit in it. To my surprise the Sales Person did not end the call there. With Sales Manish enthusiasm he offered a solution to my problem - you can mark a charity as a beneficiary. I complimented the good insurance in return and asked, if it would be a more secure income for the charity, if I paid the monthly fee directly to the charity's account, as I could not guarantee them financial support in form of my accidental death. The Sales Person gave up there, but to be honest, I would have liked to continue. I was so deliciously absurd sales operation. Never before I got to discuss my death with someone interested in it. Even indirectly so.

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