Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Beauty in Every Inch

My friend is blessed with beauty. Yes, I do refer to her looks too. Moreover, she is a beautiful mind and soul. She is surrounded by beauty, has an extraordinary eye for it and talent to create it. To give you a glimpse, the picture illustrates how she serves leftovers. Beautifully.

Like always at her table, I could not stop admiring the deliciousness of the sight. Very Finnish delicacies served tapas style on china from China. From the bottom to the top, you see blueberries with juustoleipƤ, which is very mild cheese baked on live fire. The name translates as cheese bread and it originates from my part of the country. Then graavilohi aka salted salmon (Swedes call it grav lax), herring in sour cream, wild mushroom salad and herrings in vinegar and herbs. To me a lunch of leftovers from previous day cannot become finer than this. Viva la buddy!

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