Friday, 24 June 2011


Midsummer is the only pagan festival still celebrated in Finland. Although, we know about the ancient ways, only few traditional celebration practices are applied today. Bonfires are still burning, but strictly according to the restrictions of the fire department. Alcohol is still consumed, saunas heated and people wander in masses to waters like in olden days. Few years back the festival date was changed from the actual summer solace to the first following Saturday for economic reasons and it kind of took the point of the magic. Earlier this week I talked to a farmer friend on the phone and reminded her to swim naked in a rye field at midnight of summer solace in order to dream of a man she will marry. "Sweety", she responded, "I grow my rye for market and do nothing to harm it. My boyfriend is enough. I have no rush to marry". Times have really changed in 100 years or so.

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