Monday, 6 June 2011

Trained in Stripes

This week I am attending a training course near Helsinki. I arrived on a bus, found the place without a problem, met the trainers and other participants, found my accommodation and managed to log on the network. It sounds like things are going smoothly, but they aren't. I look idiotic. I managed to sunburn my face while enjoying bubbly outdoors with a friend on Saturday. It is not only the red colour that tones the white walls of any training room where I step in, it's also the hideous white sun glass marks across my face. Try to look serious and recruitable adult with unusually coloured stripy face among a number of faultless professionals. I am so doomed to jesterness.

The mag in the pic is my bed time reading here. The face under my sunglasses belongs to Sofi Oksanen, whose book The Purge is really good.

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