Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mute and Invisible

Please pretend this post never happened. I am going to practice some negative, petty and pointless whining, which I am ought to stop right here, but yet I am just going to go on.

One reason why I am not good at scoring a job, is my inability to promote myself. Well, inability might be an understatement in my case. I am next to mute and introverted among people I do not know. In today's lecture, people were actively participating in teaching by making questions and commenting. Guess who was sitting still? Yes, you got that right. However, during a break I started a conversation with a woman next to me. I gave my opinion on the issue the lecturer had raised earlier. Within 30 minutes, the lady expressed it as hers using my words. Annoying, but hardly her fault. I should have opened my mouth and expressed it myself.

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