Thursday, 4 August 2011

Finding an Apartment

It is time for an apartment hunt update. I still don't have a place, but I have not been idle on that front. So far I have placed two net ads and filled three applications for associations with rental apartments. I still need to send one to town's administration. I have also written to the local newspaper, as I told earlier, and also to the Lutheran congregation. I have changed my status lines in Twitter and Facebook to reflect my house hunt and thus pleaded to my friends to extend my hunt to their friends.

I am still homeless, but I trust my prospects. So far a friend of a friend offered me to rent her boyfriend's studio. I turned that down, as it was quite far. Based on my internet ads I have received two emails and one phone call telling of a vacant apartments. One of them was far again and I turned that down too. Right now I am on my way from Oulu to view a place and shall view another tomorrow. I am sure the dream place is waiting for me somewhere.

I have not been idle on the decoration front either. Yesterday I almost wrecked my 500 euro budget with a sofa/daybed. I just fell madly in love with it and was very sad to learn that the American vendor does not ship bulky things internationally. On the positive note, I am still within the budget in decorating my non-existing new home, though I wanted that daybed real bad.

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