Friday, 26 August 2011

Stuff Turning Decor

After years of trotting the globe, this is the first time all my stuff reside in one place. It is not a lot of stuff really, mainly memorabilia collected from different times and places. All packed in boxes and stored back at home. Half of them already forgotten.

Unpacking the boxes have revealed a mismatch of odd items. The oddest I collected to the kitchen's window ledge and made a little shrine. Never had one, or feel the need for one, but what else I can do? My goodness how knick-knacks can be confusing.

Russian dolls from childhood. The eyeless is a present from Sochi, the Soviet Union. The one with a blue skirt is a tea cosy. Under her skirt I keep my organic red.

Little girl in a yellow dress used to sit on my auntie's desk. Her cap is a cake decoration and adorned my graduation cake. The lady with a large head was made by my goddaughter in the kindergarten when I was in Asia. She handed it to me while I was on holiday in Finland. I left it behind and when my parents came to visit me, they brought it with them at her request. The trolls have heads made of sawdust. Definitely worth keeping.

Funnily walking Donald Duck has followed me from England to Finland. The chocolate box with kitchy wintry picture was my first nonsense-must-have flee market find from here. Viva la 20 cents. The ugly monster is a lucky charm from Japan. The vintage Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln chocolate box was a gift from an elderly man in Salzburg, Austria.  I sang him the Edelweiss song and told how much I liked it. Few days later he came back with the box and said that he wanted me to keep it. Inside there are pressed edelweiss flowers wrapped in silk paper. When he gave the treasure to me he assured that the flowers were collected long before Edelweiss became protected. What a lovely old grandpa. The tea tin is just a tea tin.

My my. Can you imagine my shock, when I looked Edelweiss out from wikipedia just right now for this post and discovered that Edelweiss became a protected plant in Austria in 1886! Bloody old man! Nothing in this world can be trusted. Not even lovely old grandpas. I have treasured a crime from 1992!

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