Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Apple Butter

Apples are changing their form into products. Yesterday I made Apple Butter.

First I had:

A bowl of apples (enough to make app. 2 litres after peeling and coring)
2 dl Water
1 dl Whole cane sugar
0,5 ts Ground cinnamon

and a pot.

Then I peeled and cored apples until my wrist was crying me to stop, but I stopped only once the  apple bowl was empty and all ingredients mixed in the pot.
After an hour and half cooking my mix on low heat I had dark brown lumpy butter in the pot. I blended it down smooth.

I had my first taster with cheese bread. A local delicacy making its second appearance in this blog. This time cheese bread was special. I bought it from Oulu's first whole food store, which opened couple months ago. My complaints have been heard.

The cheese bread in the picture is made of goat's milk, whereas traditionally it is made out of cow's milk. I could taste the goat milk in it and being a puritan when it comes to cheese bread, I shall not make a second purchase. Not even I know, that it comes from the cutest little organic hay munching goat milked by a brave organic farmer in Lapland and sold in the much waited little whole food store in Oulu. Oh no, I want my cheese bread the old fashioned way - made out of cow's milk. However, other things produced by the same goat and its owner, I shall buy from the tiny organic whole food store.

The chocolaty colour of my butter comes from the whole cane sugar I use. You know the kind known also as jaggury, gur or panela. In Finland you find it by asking for indian sugar. And now, the previous sentence makes me to appreciate the easiness of expressing the same in Finnish, as we have different words for nationals of India and Indians of Americas to who we owe panela.

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