Monday, 1 October 2012

Beautiful, Quiet and Full of Nature's Wonders - Hailuoto

The weather forecast promises strong winds and snowy rain for the weekend. Hence, it is time to remember the brighter times. Last summer I spent a day in Hailuoto with my good friends from Jyväskylä. Hailuoto is a beautiful island outside of Oulu.

To get there, you need to take a ferry first.
Then you drive, or cycle if you have time, across the island to its opposite end, to a place called Marjaniemi.

There you can hike on the boardwalk.
Or on the beach, which is long and sandy.
There is an picturesque old fisherman village next to the lighthouse, which was opened in 1871. Some of the old fisherman huts can be rented.
There is also a newer compound of holiday homes available for travellers. The vegetation in the picture is wild waterfront wheat.
The windmills mark arrival to and departure from the skerry, as they are located near the ferry pier. 
The island is so nice. A hidden treasure. It is beautiful, quiet, full of nature's wonders and my day there was one of the most memorable ones from the past summer. It was not memorable only for the adjectives I have added to Hailuoto's name, but because I got to see it in such a great company. One of its kind.

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