Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pimp My Chandelier

On the other day I DIYed an old chandelier.

Here are the instructions:

Saw off a dead branch from an old lilac. Saw the branch in smaller, oven sized pieces. While doing this, discover beautiful growth in some of the smaller branches. Admire the beauty you find in it. Decide to keep the moss covered bits for later use currently unbeknownst to you. Store the odd branches to the messy storage to make it look messier yet. Some time later, organise a party and get annoyed for the chandelier's naked look. Remember the branches in the storage and get a eureka-moment! Dress the item in question, and voilá, you have a DIY project in your hands.


  1. You’re also a Do-It-Yourselfer, just like me and my wife! ^___^ The branch gives a nice touch to your chandelier. It makes it unique and artistic. Now, it only needs the right type of bulbs to light your room bright.

    Cody Stephens

    1. I am indeed a Do-It-Yourselfer. I love adding my touch to things that surround me. The chandelier in the pic is for candles only. No electicity in it. I keep changing the colours according to the table setting. On the night of the crayfish party I had different hues of dark red with hot pink on it. Come Easter and the candles will be yellow or lime green or both :)