Monday, 20 May 2013

Hanami - Cherry Blossom Celebration

The cherry blossom celebration Hanami is organised every May in Roihuvuori in Eastern Helsinki. Yes, there are lots of cherry trees around there and this year they blossomed just at the right time.

People had placed their pick nick blankets under the cherry trees and everybody seemed relaxed and happy.

There were stalls exhibiting Japan related hobbies, businesses and some selling food. The queues to the food stalls were long and therefore I did not get to taste any Japanese specialties. I guess it was a healthy balance to Saturday's Restaurant Day.

There was a stage, which was inhabited by jumping children whenever there was no programme such as Koto music being played, drumming, Kendo or Tando shows, Buto dance or what not.

The white washed ladies are from a dance troupe Buto Hutera. 
There was also a best dress competition. Audience had been asked to dress up anything Japan related. I did not stay long enough to see who won, but if it had been me who chose the winner, she would have won.

I missed all Geisha chocolate offerings and it was my only complaint about the event. Otherwise it was just purrrrfect.

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