Sunday, 19 May 2013

Restaurant Saturday

Saturday was about food. Freshly brewed coffee with ham, cheese and tomato on whole grain bread  at 7 am.

It was the spring restaurant day. Restaurant Day is a bi-yearly food carnival, when anybody can open a restaurant for a day. I started the restaurant stroll from Sinebrykoff's Park.

First stop was Bánh Mì Sandwiches. I got two. One for a friend and another for myself, but ended up eating both alone. My friend is on medication due to a knee operation and has lost her appetite. I certainly do not suffer from anything like that and ate my Bánh Mìs happily and faithfully to my style - dropping chili sauce to my chest. As always.

My journey continued to 'Big Robert's Street', where I met four other friends, two adults and their two kids. I had a cup of ice coffee from a table, where mango lassi and healthy herbal smoothies were on offer. No need to mention, that I did not even consider anything healthy.

Five of us then walked to Old Church Park. The park is better known by name Plague Park, as plague victims of 1710 were buried there. Today Plague Park is one of the most popular pick nick destinations of Helsinkians. In there, we had chicken skewers and mezes in Mediterranean style.

My favourite Plague Park restaurant was the coffee, cold milk and cinnamon roll shop run by smiley people. Cinnamon roll and cold milk is a combination, which can bring tears to my eyes. It is a representative of all good childhood memories.

Next the children wanted rice, but would only accept white rice, what was not on offer. So we walked to Stockmann's, sat down on Central Street side and ordered coffee, rosé and sparkling water. The kiddos got their rice and chicken and claimed that it was rooster not chicken on the plate. The label said Coq au Vin. Throughout the meal the adults tried to convince the kids, that the meat was chicken, but all arguments on market laws and conceits were dismissed on the basis that once they were served rooster at school, they had photographed the meal and the rooster on the plate then and now were identical in colour and texture. Eventually the adults gave up. Coq is rooster. One cannot deny that.

Late in the evening, when I was cycling back home alone, I stopped in Esplanadi Park. There I had a mix plate of African deep fries. I only recognised plantain, but loved every piece.

Too bad, I forgot to picture my portions. Instead I photographed the newly planted flower beds in front of the Ateneum art museum. Tulips and violets. Very early summer flowers.

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