Friday, 17 May 2013

Helsinki Living

Indeed Oulu is behind me for the time being. The last picture in my camera was on the lilies I bought two weeks before my departure. To my amazement they lasted until my departure.

I arrived to Helsinki on the same day with Justin Bieber, who performed in town the same night. I arrived with a friend and her teenage daughter. You guess where she spent the evening and most of the day too. After we dropped her off to the concert hall, me and the friend went for a long walk and when it started to rain we sought shelter from Wanha Cafe and refreshed old memories.

After my friends returned back to Oulu, I settled down.  One of the first things I did was a long bicycle ride to explore my surroundings. I was pleasantly surprised. I had a feeling that I had moved to the country side, although I can see the dome of the Senate Church from my window.

All pictures are from three weeks ago when I just arrived. I have been dead busy with my work, which I love, by the way. Too bad it ends too soon. The down side of consulting.
Blue anemones are rare and protected. They do not grow in Oulu.
In one point I could see the city between the trees.
Now everything is green already. Time to do the same ride again to take totally different looking pictures.

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