Saturday, 21 May 2011


I am in a middle of a novelty experience. Kind of locked inside my house taking refuge in a sauna. First time ever I been told to stay in by a teenager. She is my niece who is having friends over for BBQ. I live in close proximity to my sister and her family. My sister is not at home and the yard is my niece's domain this evening. I am quite happy not to show my face in her party. I was a teenager once too. The sauna is my own choice for the night, as it is furthest to any noise and the yard.

On an evening like this, I do not have sauna. I brought in a pillow, camera, laptop, telephone and whole grain rolls. Now I am lying here. I have taken pictures, talked to my other sister on the phone and told her that I was asked (teenagerly and politely) to stay away and how I choose to stay away in the sauna. I munched two rolls with Emmental cheese and now I blog. Never done this combo before.

I also met an old flame in a super market today. He was the flame when I was about my niece's age. I blushed when I saw him. Like I did years back. He had aged well.

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