Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Doing the Squirrel Job

Being back at home is cool and not only temperaturewise. I enjoy the work this time of the year requires. It is the same work what the squirrel, who lives in the garden pine does - preparation for winter. It is time to collect wood, apples, potatoes, herbs and organise them into a pile and preserves for the coming long winter.

A day after coming back from my travel, I paid a visit to my farmer friend and got a load of logs. There was a stock of mixed wood already in the shed, but it was logged during the summer and thus it is not good for burning this winter. It is not dry enough yet. With this additional load I should be OK until snow melts. The wood is birch and it burns fast and very hot, so hot that I was advised not to crack my oven with it.


  1. Wow this is serious stuff. You're all set for the long winter...!!

    1. Getting there. Only that one piece missing, but it will come, as we know :)