Saturday, 15 September 2012

Toilety Toilet and Other Misreadings

First time on Poland's soil. At the Warsaw airport to be exact. Had to claim my luggage here and check in again. It turned out to be an enlightening experience though, as it became clear to me that I look Polish. Within five minutes after I had passed the customs three people approached me and spoke in local language.

While waiting for my connecting flight, I entertained myself by taking pictures. As I am shy to picture people, I was struggling. In general I find airports boring for photography and unfortunately Warsaw was no exception.

I pictured a Polish Airlines plane to prove, that I am here.

Then I went to look for a toilet and found this toalety difficult to find. The signposting was fine until I had to go downstairs. The direction disappeared. Never mind though, I had time.

On the way to my gate, I passed a coffee shop ad and had to spell the words few times to get the message. In New York I have seen coffees named with long names like New York Caribbean Cinnamon Cream Mocha Latte, but they did not mean it that way in the Warsaw's Voyage. I figured.

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