Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Procrastinator Strikes Again

No, I did not reach my goals on Monday. I did not wash the last windows on the porch and I did not do the party's appetiser for tasting. However, I made a slide show on pictures taken in past crayfish parties and I plan to show it while we shall enjoy drinks at the start. The slide show is great, let me say. I put hours into it and managed to pull together a decent piece of work with carefully considered framing and moves from a picture to picture. Now I just need to decide on the music. There are four options and they are:

1.) The Divine Comedy: Charmed Life

A lovely song with exactly the vibe I am looking for, but it is almost a minute too long and I am not going to kill the audience with DPP (Death by PowerPoint).

2.) Dixie Chicks: Lullaby

As above, but even longer than Charmed Life.

3.) Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova: Falling Slowly

Impossibly beautiful song, perfect length, but might be too sad for a fun party.

The highlight my day yesterday was a documentary made in New Zealand I saw on the telly. Impressive. Beautiful. Touching. If you have a chance, do yourself a favour and see This Way of Life.

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