Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Confidence Overdose

House hunting was taken to a totally new level today. I wrote to the Editor of the local newspaper and offered to start a blog on my move and my 500 euro decoration project against the paper's help to find me a rental apartment. I knew they own several apartments, but those are for staff only. I got a message within 30 minutes saying, that they do not need yet another blogger. I cannot say I am surprised by the answer. I am just having difficulties to believe, that I really did write to them. It so unlike me. Yet it is so nice to know, that I have courage to execute silly ideas like this. I must have had an overdose of confidence from the job offer and good so.

PS: Yes. I am going to invest 500 euros only to furnish the apartment once I find something. I know it is next to nothing, but I believe that my imagination will compensate what lacks from my budget. 

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