Friday, 22 July 2011

Finding Plastic Instead of a New Home

Finding a new home is something I have been thinking every day lately. Quite naturally of course. What is not natural is that I have been working the minimum for the goal and distributed my pains almost exclusively on planning the decor of the place, which I do not have yet. The strange thing is that I feel very strongly that I shall find a nice place somehow.

So far I have posted a call for an apartment to Facebook and Twitter, made two phone calls, sent two emails and checked two Internet sites advertising houses for rent. I did not see anything of interest, but through the grapevine I received one offer for a studio far from town centre. I turned that down. I didn't want to commit to something I have not seen and which I know is inconveniently located. Let the search continue, or rather start first.

One reason for not looking for a place today was a party I was invited to this evening. A Tupperware party. Oh yes. Mi first eva. I went, because it was hosted by my best friend in Oulu. I never say no to her. Before entering the scene, I promised myself to purchase an olive lift only. The cheapest thing on the catalogue. Just out of courtesy. I am not a big fan of expensive plastic ware and prefer glass, china or wood. However, I ended up getting separate containers for salad and salad dressing accompanied with plastic cutlery. At the time of the selection, I was day dreaming of healthy home made lunches to take to work. My actions never stop surprising me.

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