Saturday, 16 July 2011


It's time to reveal a secret. I was interviewed for a job. I didn't want to tell it to anybody, as I find it so unpleasant to answer to what-happened-questions when I do not get the job in the end. I haven't got this one either, but cannot help, must tell someone. The interview went well, I feel. They'll let me know soon.

There aren't many pictures from the trip, because time was scarce after the interview. What ever little time I had, the weather was bad and so are the pictures too. However, before the train took off to Jyväskylä, I went for a walk and found myself taking pictures of wooden buildings dangerously thinking that such would be a lovely place to live.

It was raining and shining when I walked around and suddenly behind one corner I saw it - a double rainbow. Could that be a sign?

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