Friday, 15 July 2011

Rugs, Train and Rain

Yesterday I did what I promised. I washed the rug. I took it to the rug washing pier of Oulu river. Those are provided by the town's administration. I packed a bucket, brush, environmentally safe soap, a little nephew and some money for ice cream with me and took off on a bike. My nephew turned out to be a real rug brushing pro and did the most of the washing. I lifted water from the river and pictured the process. The stripes in my rug are bright again.

Right now I am in a train. A little domestic trip to Jyväskylä has started with a detour to another Finnish town. I see lots of trees through the train's window, but took a picture only when they appeared horizontally. It was the only time rain did not smudge my view too bad.

I wonder if my rug will ever try in this weather. I left it spread stripewise to the backs of four chairs on the porch, but nothing tries in this weather. It is so humid. I should know this, as I am carrying a luggage full of yesterday's wet laundry. Summer night did not work its usual magic last night.

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