Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stroke of Luck

I've been a bit housebound for the past few days. I accidentally left my overcoat to Jyväskylä with my keys in the pocket. I had a spare key for the house, but not for the bike.  It's with my sista, who's out of town for a week. Sure I've been able to walk, but who wants to walk once you learn to fly on wheels. Yesterday my friend sent the coat to Oulu by coach and I had to walk to town to fetch it. Of course it started to rain and I had no umbrella, so I had to find shelter from the nearest shop, which happened to be a secondhand book shop. To kill time, I checked their craft books and realised, that all had been written to the stars - leaving the coat, having to walk to get it and the shop right there when it started to rain. Otherwise I would not have popped into that little shop and find these old magazines.

Wonderful knitting patterns. This dress is on to-do list now. Too bad summer will end before I have finished it.

Crochet pretty shorts, it says in the heading.

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